Why Parents Love UCS Early Childhood
Why Parents Love UCS Early Childhood Programs
Posted on 02/04/2019
ParentsThere are many reasons people choose Utica Community School's Early Childhood Programs.  Among them, our teachers are clearly at the top of the list, as is our high quality programming, creative curriculum, and classroom sizes.  Based on our most recent parent surveys, families are overwhelmingly happy with their child's early learning experience. Here are just a few of the things they've had to say:

  • "Great classroom activities to help kids learn while still having fun."
  • "I like that it is giving my child the tools she needs to get to the next level in school and she seems to be doing well with everything."
  • "I love everything about this program! The teachers are amazing and so patient and calm. My child is learning so much and genuinely enjoys school. I tell everyone what an awesome program this is!"
  • "I love how the program really cares about the children. They work with parents well regarding any situation you have. They want to help the children succeed for their future."
  • "I love the balance of play and learning. I see what my child has been learning in the classroom and how much she has learned. I love the warm teachers at my child's school and always recommend the program to others. My child is upset when I come to pick her up because she doesn't want to leave. She looks forward to school every day that she attends."
  • "My child has been improving socially and academically. The class lessons are creative and fun which keeps my child engaged and interested in school. This program has been wonderful for my child though. I am very pleased with my child's growth thus far."
  • "The nursery program is a perfect bridge for my child from being home with me to going off to preschool next year."
  • "The teacher is fantastic. There is a focus on education, yet is play based. Her communication via email is very helpful to working parents who aren't able to do all of the drop-offs and pick-ups."
  • "The teachers make the program! They know each child and provide individual care while still attending to the needs of the large group. They have created an inclusive classroom environment for all students to succeed. They are the reason why our daughters love coming to school each day and are successful in this program. The care they provide could not be matched and we could not be more pleased with our experience."
  • "This program has done wonders for my child's self-esteem and social skills. It has also made him an independent learner. Our child’s teacher’s commitment to her students is unparalleled."
  • "This program is excellent for 3 year olds who may have had little exposure outside of the home. It slowly prepares children for the next step without being too overwhelming to them. I am 100% certain that my child’s teachers are critical components to the success of the program. The students love them!"
  • "We love how structured the class is. The teacher keeps them busy and moving to get the most out of their short day. She has created a loving and comfortable environment to learn in. The classroom rules are very clear so that there is no confusion. We have recommended this program many times to others."
  • "We love the curriculum being followed to get the kids ready for kindergarten."
  • "With my older son, having enrolled him in nursery and preschool prior to kindergarten, I saw major advancements in the skills my son had over the other students that did not attend school prior to kindergarten. Early education should be a requirement not an option. Thank you UCS for offering early learning programs for our children!"