Velocity Jr. Summer STEAM Classes
Velocity Jr. STEAM Classes: Invention, Innovation, and Creativity in the Classroom
Posted on 06/11/2018
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This summer, keep your child engaged and entertained with one of the many Velocity Jr. STEAM classes being offered throughout the UCS District.  Velocity Jr. classes encourage innovation, invention and creativity with hands-on lessons in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.  This integrated approach to learning encourages students to think more broadly about real-world problems and creative solutions.  Due to the increasing popularity of these classes, we've added a new location.  You can now register for Velocity Jr.  classes at Duncan, Morgan or Rose Kidd Elementary.  Course offerings at all three locations are listed below.  Pick the site that's most convenient for you.  Choose the classes that interest your child the most, then visit our website for full course descriptions and sign up today!   You can register online or by calling 586-797-6900.

Find more info here:

2018 Velocity Jr Classes: Duncan - $99 Mon-Fri


AM (9 am - Noon)

PM (1 - 4 pm)

June 25

3118-S18A Minecraft Redstone

3121-S18A Video Game Design

3119-S18A Movie Makers

3122-S18A Darling Yoga

3120-S18A Little Chefs

3120-S18B Little Chefs

July 9

3123-S18A Lego Minecraft & Star Wars

3126-S18A Let’s Build It Robotics

3124-S18A Digital App Design

3127-S18A JEDI Flight School

3125-S18A Dinosaurs @ Duncan

3125-S18B Dinosaurs @ Duncan

July 16

3128-S18A LEGO Stop Motion Animation

3131-S18A Learning about Sustenance - Minecraft

3129-S18A Weird Science

3132-S18A OZO Bot

3134-S18A Science & Math

3134-S18B Science & Math


3133-S18A Little Campers

July 23

1619-S18B LEGO Engineering & More

3143-S18A Jurassic Kid-tastic

3121-S18B Video Game Design

3127-S18B JEDI Flight School

3130-S18A Young Engineers

3130-S18B Young Engineers

3141-S18A Science Exploration

3141-S18B Science Exploration

July 30

3118-S18B Minecraft Redstone

3137-S18A Lego Robotics—Robo Camp

3135-S18A Spy Academy

3129-S18B Weird Science

3136-S18A Out of this World

3136-S18B Out of this World

Aug 6

3138-S18A LEGO Motors & Robots

3142-S18A Healthy Snackers

3139-S18A Future Entrepreneur

3126-S18C Let’s Build It Robotics

3140-S18A Star Wars

3140-S18B Star Wars

Aug 13

3120-S18C Little Chefs

3120-S18D Little Chefs

2018 Velocity Jr Classes: Morgan - $99 Mon-Fri


AM (9 am - Noon)

PM (1 - 4 pm)

June 25

1401-S18A Drawing - Summer Adventures

3142-S18B Healthy Snackers

3129-S18C Weird Science

3127-S18C JEDI Flight School

July 9

3118-S18C Minecraft Redstone

3121-S18C Video Game Design

1402-S18A 3-D Printing & Engineering

3129-S18D Weird Science

July 16

3135-S18B Spy Academy

3124-S18B Digital App Design

3122-S18B Darling Yoga

3143-S18B Jurassic Kid-tastic

July 23

3128-S18B LEGO Stop Motion Animation

3131-S18B Learning about Sustenance—Minecraft

3119-S18B Movie Makers

1402-S18B 3-D Printing & Engineering

July 30

3126-S18D Let’s Build It Robotics

3142-S18C Healthy Snackers

3129-S18E Weird Science

3139-S18B Future Entrepreneur

Aug 6

3118-S18D Minecraft Redstone

3137-S18B LEGO Robotics—Robo Camp

3127-S18D JEDI Flight School

3132-S18B OZO Bot

2018 Velocity Jr Classes: Rose Kidd - $99 Mon-Fri


AM (9 am - Noon)

PM (1 - 4 pm)

June 25

3124-S18C Digital App Design

3135-S18C Spy Academy

3123-S18B Lego Minecraft & Star Wars

3129-S18F Weird Science

July 9

3132-S18C OZO Bot

3142-S18D Healthy Snackers

3129-S18G Weird Science

3119-S18C Movie Makers

July 16

1619-S18A LEGO Engineering & More

1402-S18C 3-D Printing & Engineering

3127-S18E JEDI Flight School

3129-S18H Weird Science

July 23

3139-S18C Future Entrepreneur

3129-S18J Weird Science

3126-S18E Let’s Build It Robotics

3122-S18C Darling Yoga

July 30

1401-S18B Drawing - Summer Adventures

3119-S18D Movie Makers

3138-S18B LEGO Motors & Robots

3127-S18F JEDI Flight School

Aug 6

3121-S18D Video Game Design

3143-S18C Jurassic Kid-tastic

1402-S18D 3-D Printing & Engineering

3129-S18K Weird Science